We do it by the book.

As an AAHA-accredited hospital, you can trust our team to take care of every detail and make you feel right at home. Our practice is thorough, responsive, sanitary, and safe.


A thorough assessment of major body systems, including the heart, lungs, eyes, ears, and mouth, helps our team to create the best plan for each patient and provides a complete picture of each patient's health. In addition to physical observation, equipment to monitor blood pressure, respiration, temperature, and heart rate is used to keep patients safe during procedures.


Time is critical during emergencies. Our highly-skilled team of professionals know how to recognize and respond to any situation. Emergency supplies and equipment are located in each area of the hospital, and staff undergo regular professional development in order to ensure that patients are cared for properly. We're also CPR and First Aid Certified by the American Red Cross and have a human defibrillator on-site.


Comfort is an important part of each patient examination. Our team members are trained in proper restraint techniques and treat every patient with compassion. To prevent the spread of disease, our policies include frequent hand washing, use of antibacterial agents, and regular disinfection of all patient areas.


Good work takes hard work.

Unlike human hospitals, veterinary practices have no requirement to be evaluated by an independent organization or the government. That's one of the reasons why only 12% of the nation's practices are accredited. The Kanouse Family chooses to personally oversee all aspects of our operations to ensure that they meet the high standards of the American Animal Hospital Association. We devote time, energy, and resources into our facility, team, and equipment to ensure that we're up to par, because your pet deserves nothing less.

A Tail of Two Visits


You wait quietly for your appointment...

As you wait, you notice that the floors haven't been swept and the room could use a new paint job. The staff are talking among themselves and only acknowledged you when you first came in.

Someone calls your pet into an examination room...

They didn't introduce themselves, so you're not sure whether or not they're a technician. They ask very general questions that they might already know had they reviewed your pet's chart. They jot down every other word you say on a piece of paper, which is then passed to the veterinarian a few minutes before they come in.

The doctor comes in and rushes through the rest of your visit...

The doctor, who you haven't seen before, keeps referring to the paper in their hands to remember you and your pet's names. They go through the visit quickly, looking up only when you ask a question.

The receptionist sends you on your way...

After paying your bill, the receptionist sends you home with your pet's medication and says, "Goodbye!" It takes them a while to get everything together since it's all written down by hand.

You need to call back to ask about those bloodwork results...

Are they normal? Should your pet start a new medication? Change their diet? You're not sure, so you need to call back; when you do, you leave a message since the staff is on their lunch break (or it's a weekend or a weekday after 5pm.)


You and your pet receive a warm greeting as you walk in...

The facility is clean and well-kept; the staff are friendly, knowledgable, and professional. They remember your last visit and already know about your pet's personality. You enjoy complimentary coffee and WiFi as you wait.

A Licensed Veterinary Technician welcomes you to the examination room...

Your pet's technician is credentialed by the State of New York and pursues upwards of 20 hours of professional development every year. They begin by asking about your pet's behavior, exercise, nutrition, and life at home, followed by recording their weight, heart-rate, and other vital information. These notes are recorded in your pet's Electronic Medical Record, which is being accessed simultaneously by the doctor as they prepare for your appointment.

The doctor performs your pet's exam and communicates the results...

Already familiar with the case, the doctor performs a head-to-toe examination to thoroughly assess your pet's health. They are mindful of your pet's comfort throughout the visit, pausing to let your pet relax and get more comfortable as they go. They will review your concerns, discuss recommendations for your pet's age and lifestyle, and answer any questions. The doctor is knowledgeable, experienced, and above all else, kind. They even give your pet a belly rub after the exam!

Our Client Advocates review your visit and answer any final questions...

Now it's your turn to be waited on hand and foot! Our Client Advocates are highly trained in client care; they act as liaisons between you and the medical team. As fellow pet owners, they understand what it's like to be on the other side of the desk! They'll provide you with your pet's "Report Card," gather their medications (in a child-proof container, of course!), and take care of your invoice.

A few days after returning home, we call to check in...

The same Client Advocate you worked with during your visit will call you a few days later to see how your pet is doing at home. Need lab results? A refill? Have another question? They'll take care of you. Finally, you'll receive a request in your inbox to complete a survey about your visit. Your answers are shared directly with Evan Kanouse III, our Hospital Director, who monitors our service goals.

Your entire visit is audited to make sure that we went above and beyond...

Our Medical Auditors will review the notes made by the team to ensure every detail is included. We'll recheck lab results, drug dosages, and medication schedules to ensure your account is complete. We might also use the recording from your pet's visit to work on our communication skills and train new staff members.

Need to come back? We're here for you.

We answer calls 24/7/365. Our office is open 7 days a week, including nights and weekends. Our Urgent Care Division sees patients at no additional charge on Thursdays through Saturdays until 10pm or later, and on Sundays until 1pm. Our team of remote workers (one of which is Evan, our Hospital Director) are logged in virtually 24/7, monitoring our delivery of care to ensure that things go right.